Global Health

Environmental health is a global concern, yet the environmental contaminants and populations can differ by region. We examine how the environment affects health in many regions of the world including industrialized nations as well as regions undergoing rapid economic and industrial development. Previous and ongoing projects examine environmental health in Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Chile, China, South Korea, India, and elsewhere. Research in areas without centralized record-keeping often requires complex efforts to obtain and process health, social, and environmental data. Further, new methods may be needed to address different types conditions, such as high exposure levels, uncertainties in environmental exposures, and spare or non-existent monitoring networks. Our personal and ambient monitoring studies have estimated air pollution exposure in India, Nepal, and China. We perform epidemiological analysis of how air pollution, weather, and urbanicity affect human health.

Research Locations

Green Markers: Current Projects, Red Markers: Past Projects

Selected Relevant Publications

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