Recent Publications

Health and related economic benefits associated with reduction in air pollution during COVID-19 outbreak in 367 cities in China
Ye T, S Guo, Y Xie, Z Chen, MJ Abramson, J Heyworth, S Hales, A Woodward, M Bell, Y Guo, S Li
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (accepted)
The roles of residential greenness in the association between air pollution and health: A systematic review
Son JY, HM Choi, KC Fong, S Heo, CC Lim, ML Bell
Environmental Research Letters (provisionally accepted)
Temporal changes in associations between high temperature and hospitalizations by greenspace: analysis in the Medicare population in 40 U.S. northeast counties
Heo S, C Chen, H Kim, B Sabath, F Dominici, JL Warren, Q Di, J Schwartz, ML Bell
Environment International (accepted)
Pollution inequality 50 years after the clean air act: the need for hyperlocal data and action
Zhang Y, S Smith, ML Bell, A Meuller, M Eckleman, S Wylie, EL Sweet, P Chen, DA Niemeier
Environmental Research Letters (accepted)
Effects of urbanization on vulnerability to heat-related mortality in urban and rural areas in South Korea: A nationwide district-level time-series study
Lee W...ML Bell...et al.
International Journal of Epidemiology (accepted)