Recent Publications

Disparities in COVID-19 impacts on work hours and career satisfaction by gender and race among scientists in the US: an online survey study
S Heo, P Diaz Peralta, L Jin, CR Pereira Nunes, ML Bell
Social Sciences (in press)
Mental wellbeing following landslides and residential displacement in Indonesia
K Burrows, D Pelupessy, K Khoshnood, ML Bell
Social Science and Medicine – Mental Health 1, Art.No. 10016
Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on scientists’ productivity in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and medicine fields
S Heo, AY Chan, P Diaz Peralta, L Jin, CR Pereira Nunes, and ML Bell
Humanities & Social Sciences (in press)
Effect modification of greenness on the association between heat and mortality: a multi-city multi-country study
HM Choi, W Lee, D Roye, S Heo, …, Y Guo, ML Bell
eBioMedicine (accepted)
Investigation on urban greenspace in relation to sociodemographic factors and health inequity based on different greenspace metrics in 3 US urban communities
S Heo and ML Bell
Journal of exposure science and environmental epidemiology (accepted)