Recent Publications

Mental wellbeing following landslides and residential displacement in Indonesia
K Burrows, D Pelupessy, K Khoshnood, ML Bell
Social Science and Medicine – Mental Health 1, Art.No. 10016
Associations between short-term ambient ozone exposure and cause-specific mortality in rural and urban areas of Jiangsu, China
K Chen, C Lin, Y Ma, R Liu, Y Shao, Z Ma, L Zhou, Y Jing, ML Bell
Environmental Research 211, Art.No. 113098
Global, regional, and national burden of mortality associated with short-term temperature variability from 2000 to 2019: A three-stage modelling study
Q Zhao, Y Guo, T Ye, A Gasparrini, S Tong, A. Overcenco, A Urban, A Schneider, A Entezari, AM Vicedo-Cabrera, A Zanobetti, A Analitis, A Zeka, A Tobias, B Nunes, B Alahmad, B Armstrong, B Forsberg, SC Pan, C Íñiguez, C Ameling, CDlC Valencia, C Åström, D Houthuijs, DV Dung, D Royé, E Indermitte, E Lavigne, F Mayvaneh, F Acquaotta, F de'Donato, FD Ruscio, F Sera, G Carrasco-Escobar, H Kan, H Orru, H Kim, IH Holobaca, J Kyselý, J Madureira, J Schwartz, JJK Jaakkola, K Katsouyanni, MH Diaz, MS Ragettli, M Hashizume, M Pascal, MdSZS Coélho, NV Ortega, N Ryti, N Scovronick, P Michelozzi, PM Correa, P Goodman, PHN Saldiva, R Abrutzky, S Osorio, S Rao, S Fratianni, TN Dang, V Colistro, V Huber, W Lee, X Seposo, Y Honda, YL Guo, ML Bell, S Li
The Lancet Planetary Health 5(7) p. e415-e425
Higher incidence of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in areas with combined sewer systems, heavy precipitation, and high percentages of impervious surfaces
AY Chan, H Kim, ML Bell
Science of The Total Environment 820 Art.No. 153227
Effect modification by sex for associations of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) with cardiovascular mortality, hospitalization, and emergency room visits: systematic review and meta-analysis
S Heo, JY Son, CC Lim, KC Fong, HM Choi, RU Hernandez-Ramirez, K Nyhan, PK Dhillon, S Kapoor, D Prabhakaran, D Spiegelman, ML Bell
Environmental Research Letters 17(5), Art.No. 053006