Recent Publications

A nationwide time-series analysis for short-term effects of ambient temperature on violent crime in South Korea
S Heo, HM Choi, J-T Lee, ML Bell
Scientific Reports 2024:14; 3210
Wildfire smoke exposure during pregnancy and perinatal, obstetric, and early childhood health outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis
D Foo, S Heo, R Stewart, G Dhamrait, HM Choi, Y Song, ML Bell
Environmental Research 2024:241; 117527
Joint effect of heat and air pollution on mortality in 620 cities of 36 countries
M Stafoggia, P Michelozzi, A Schneider, ..., ML Bell, ..., FK De'Donato
Environment International 2023:181; 108258
Fluctuating risk of acute kidney injury-related mortality for four weeks after exposure to air pollution: a multi-country time-series study in 6 countries
J Min, DH Kang, C Kang, ML Bell, H Kim, J Yang, A Gasparrini, E Lavigne, M Hashizume, Y Kim, CFS Ng, Y Honda, SdNPd Silva, J Madureira, YL Guo, SC P
Environment International 2023:183;108367
The effect modification of greenspace and impervious surface on the heat-mortality association: Differences by the dissimilarity index
HM Choi, S Heo, ML Bell
Science of the Total Environment 2024:908; 168074