Recent Publications

Air pollution from wildfires and human health vulnerability in Alaskan communities under climate change
Woo SHL, JC Liu, X Yue, L Mickley, ML Bell
Environmental Research Letters (accepted)
Seasonality of suicide: A multi-country multi-community observational study
Jaeeun Y, Y Daewon, K Yoonhee, M Hashizume, A Gasparrini, B Armstrong, Y Honda, A Tobias, F Sera, A Vicedo-Cabrera, H Kim, C Íñniguez, E Lavigne, M Ragettli, N Scovronick, F Acquaotta, BY Chen, YL Guo, M Coelho, P Saldiva A Zanobetti, J Schwartz, ML Bell,
Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences (accepted)
COVID-19 in South Korea: epidemiological and spatiotemporal patterns of the spread and the role of aggressive diagnostic tests in the early phase
Lee W, SS Hwang, I Song, C Park, H Kim, IK Song, H Choi, K Prifti, Y Kwon, J Kim, S Oh, Y Yang, M Cha, Y Kim, ML Bell, H Kim
International Journal of Epidemiology
Reductions in mortality resulting from reduced air pollution levels due to COVID-19 mitigation measures
Son JY, KC Fong, S Heo, H Kim, CC Lim, ML Bell
Science of the Total Environment.
Health and economic impacts of air pollution induced by weather extremes over the continental U.S.
Zhang, Y, P Yang, Y Gao, R Leung, ML Bell
Environment International 143, Art No. 105921.