Pedro Diaz Peralta

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Visiting Fellow

Curriculum Vitae

University Complutense of Madrid, Ph.D. in Law, Cum laude, 2016.

University Complutense of Madrid, Ph.D. in Sciences -Toxicology, Cum laude, 2004.

University Complutense of Madrid, Master’s in environmental sciences, 2009.

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Law Degree, 1998.

Following my research on Traditional medicine resources, I was participating in seminars and events in universities close to tropical forest areas mainly Brazil and Colombia, where I was aware of the potential harm for Biodiversity of Climate change. Furthermore, I was increasingly interested in high impact on human populations irrespective of the area concerned, as a global phenomenon.

My research is focused in a comparative analysis on public policies related to climate neutrality and climate action as regards atmosphere disturbances, health determinants and health endpoints in US and in Europe. The research introduces a review of relevant policy scenarios and decision-making impact following specific health challenges as heat waves or intentional/ nonintentional wildfires. Through developing methodological analysis for identifying main, common drivers, the research proposal embraces the following stages:

  1. Making a impact analysis of linear/ non-linear effects
  2. Anticipating scenarios for policy/ decision-making processes, including zero-pollution policy.
  3. Empowering public powers through national, international instruments for compensation, redress, reduction, mitigation. 
  4. Setting up the liability regimes through analysis of binding/ non-binding instruments, soft law options, opinion juris elements.

Adapting to low-oxygen environments in the Himalayas! (after visiting the Peruvian´ Altiplano and Chilean´ Atacama) 

Select Awards

  1. Medal of Honor Prof. Mário Veiga de Almeida (Reitoria) Universidade Veiga de Almeida: Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR 2018.
  2. Motion of Appreciation: Camara dos Vereadores do Rio de Janeiro. RJ, BR 2018 | Moção de Louvor e Reconhecimento

Select Publications

  1. Diaz P., G Botija, F. R Coello,C Regulating the Risks from Traditional Herbal Medicine Resources and Herbal Supplements in the EU – the Borderline Products. EFFL 2016, DNB: 1158630522, URN: urn:nbn:de:101:1-201805083503
  2. Diaz, P. - Patentes de seres vivos são um dilema para o Direito impensável há 50 anos. CONJUR 2018-07-22.
  3. Diaz P, (2021) vaccine hesitancy & refusual. “anti-science” and unsafe behaviors in modern society. In Direitos humanos- estudos em homenagem ao professor Cleyson de Moraes Mello ISBN 978-65-893- 5156-1

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