Pedro Diaz Peralta

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Visiting Fellow

Curriculum Vitae

University Complutense of Madrid, Ph.D. in Law, Cum laude, 2016.

University Complutense of Madrid, Ph.D. in Sciences -Toxicology, Cum laude, 2004.

University Complutense of Madrid, Master’s in environmental sciences, 2009.

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Law Degree, 1998.

Following my research on Traditional medicine resources, I was participating in seminars and events in universities close to tropical forest areas mainly Brazil and Colombia, where I was aware of the potential harm for Biodiversity of Climate change. Furthermore, I was increasingly interested in high impact on human populations irrespective of the area concerned, as a global phenomenon.

My research is focused in a comparative analysis on public policies related to climate neutrality and climate action as regards atmosphere disturbances, health determinants and health endpoints in US and in Europe. The research introduces a review of relevant policy scenarios and decision-making impact following specific health challenges as heat waves or intentional/ nonintentional wildfires. Through developing methodological analysis for identifying main, common drivers, the research proposal embraces the following stages:

  1. Making a impact analysis of linear/ non-linear effects
  2. Anticipating scenarios for policy/ decision-making processes, including zero-pollution policy.
  3. Empowering public powers through national, international instruments for compensation, redress, reduction, mitigation. 
  4. Setting up the liability regimes through analysis of binding/ non-binding instruments, soft law options, opinion juris elements.

Adapting to low-oxygen environments in the Himalayas! (after visiting the Peruvian´ Altiplano and Chilean´ Atacama) 

Select Awards

  1. Medal of Honor Prof. Mário Veiga de Almeida (Reitoria) Universidade Veiga de Almeida: Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR 2018.
  2. Motion of Appreciation: Camara dos Vereadores do Rio de Janeiro. RJ, BR 2018 | Moção de Louvor e Reconhecimento

Select Publications

  1. Heo, S., Diaz Peralta, P., Jin, Lan., Ribeiro Pereira Nunes, C., Bell, ML. (2022) Differences in self-perception of productivity and mental health among the STEMM-field scientists during the COVID-19 pandemic by sex and status as a parent: A survey in six languages. PLoS One 1;17(7):e0269834. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0269834. eCollection 202
  2. Heo, S., Chan, AE., Diaz Peralta, P., Jin, Lan., Ribeiro Pereira Nunes, C.,  Bell, ML. (2022) Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on scientists’ productivity in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and medicine fields. Nature- Humanities and Social Sciences Communications volume 9, Article number: 434 
  3. Diaz Peralta, P.,  Ribeiro Pereira Nunes, C., Correlation between extreme/ unusual ozone events and corona effect from electric power transmission & distribution grids. Assessing the health and environmental impact of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) grid on ozone ground levels in Sao Paulo metropolitan area, Brazil. 34th Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology- ISEE 2022.
  4. Ribeiro Pereira Nunes, C., Diaz Peralta, P. Respiratory diseases caused by anthropogenic activities in children and adults of rural communities of Brazil. Review of epidemiological status following fuel policy changes. 34th Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology- ISEE 2022.
  5. Gonzalez Botija, F, Diaz Peralta, P. Allostatic load and climate change: analyzing epidemiological confounding variables, health effects and adaptative response in osteoporosis and kidney disease associated with NDVI greenness index. 34th Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology - ISEE 2022.
  6. Heo, S., Diaz Peralta, P., Jin, L., Ribeiro Pereira Nunes, C., Bell, ML, (2022) Disparities in COVID-19 impacts on work hours and career satisfaction by gender and race among scientists in the US: an online survey study. Soc. Sci. 11(12), 577;
  7. Diaz Peralta, P.  (2023) River -basin management and hydropower system in Brazil. Energy market, legal framework, externalities, and environmental restoration in the light of the Brumadinho mining disaster. Amazon’s Research and Environmental Law-  AREL FAAR, Ariquemes RO 09, VOL. 09, N. 03 p. 11-30, ISSN 2317-8442.  
  8. Diaz Peralta, P.  (2018) Patents on Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients and other Active Substances from Plants and the value of Indigenous Knowledge on XXI Century in the light of Nagoya Protocol To CBD and the WTO-TRIPS Framework: Patent Related-Challenges Case Studies. Old Issues – New Perspectives. ISBN: 978-960-598-174-7
  9. Diaz Peralta, P. (2022) The system for biotechnology patents in Brazil: an “ineffective” legal framework to protect the traditional knowledge (TK) resources in the light of Nagoya Protocol- Amazon’s Research and Environmental Law-  AREL FAAR, Ariquemes, RO, v. 8 n. 01, ISSN 2317-8442.…
  10. Diaz Peralta, P. Challenges of innovation on research and the value of indigenous knowledge: case studies patents on pharmaceutical active ingredients and other active substances from plants.  Amazon’s Research and Environmental Law- AREL FAAR, Ariquemes, RO, v. 5, n. 1, p. 6 - 24, jan. 2017…
  11. Diaz Peralta, P. Contribuciones, desde una perspectiva europea, al articulo “As relacoes da Biologia com o Direito e seus dois maiores desdobramentos: o Biodireito e a Biopirateria” Revista Interdisciplinar de Direito.  Faculdade de Direito de Valença. Brazil. v. 14, n. 1, pp.15-27, jan./jun. 2017. doi: 10.24859/fdv.2017.1001
  12. Diaz P., G Botija, F. R Coello,C Regulating the Risks from Traditional Herbal Medicine Resources and Herbal Supplements in the EU – the Borderline Products. EFFL 2016, DNB: 1158630522, URN: urn:nbn:de:101:1-201805083503
  13. Diaz, P. Patentes de seres vivos são um dilema para o Direito impensável há 50 anos. CONJUR 2018-07-22.
  14. Diaz P, (2021) vaccine hesitancy & refusual. “anti-science” and unsafe behaviors in modern society. In Direitos humanos- estudos em homenagem ao professor Cleyson de Moraes Mello ISBN 978-65-893- 5156-1

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