Hayon Michelle Choi

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Ph.D. Candidate, School of the Environment


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MPH Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Seoul National University, 2018

B.S. Statistics, Korea University, 2016

Hayon is a PhD candidate at Yale University where she studies environmental epidemiology and health impact of climate change. Hayon is interested in the relationship between hot/cold temperature and health, especially focusing on finding the gap between groups with different environment settings. 

Hayon received her MPH from Seoul National University (2018) where she wrote her thesis on the causal inference of air pollution and health. During this time, Hayon was a member of developing software called Rex (http://rexsoft.org/) combining two types of software (R and Microsoft Excel); specifically involved in the implementation of statistical methods. Outside of academia, Hayon has held position of the student government president for one year at SNU Public Health. Also, Hayon worked as a research assistant for the cohort study conducted at the Yonsei Severance Hospital, Seoul, South Korea, which gave her a deeper insight into how the various health-related data was used and managed.

Selected Awards

  1. Environmental Justice and Health Initiative, Student Research Fellowship, 2020
  2. Award for Poster presentation in The Korean Society for Preventive Medicine, October 2018
  3. Award for Best Paper Competition in The Korean Society of Epidemiology, October 2017
  4. Award for Poster presentation in The Korean Society for Preventive Medicine, August 2017
  5. Award for Oral presentation in The Korean Society of Health Informatics and Statistics, November 2016

Selected Publications

  1. Lee W, Choi H.M., et al. (2019). “Synergic effect between high temperature and air pollution on mortality in Northeast Asia.” Environmental Research 178: 108735.
  2. Lee W, Choi H.M., et al. (2018), Temporal changes in mortality impacts of heat wave and cold spell in Korea and Japan. Environment International, 2018. 116: p. 136-146.
  3. Lee W, Choi H.M., et al. (2018), Temporal changes in morality attributed to heat extremes for 57 cities in Northeast Asia. Sci Total Environ, 2018. 616-617: p. 703-709.
  4. Choi H.M., et al. (2017), Sex differences in hypertension prevalence and control: Analysis of the 2010-2014 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. PLOS ONE, 2017. 12(5): p. e0178334.