Claudia Ribeiro Pereira Nunes

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Visiting Fellow
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Curriculum Vitae                       Google Scholar

Ph.D. in Law, Gama Filho University, 2013

M.S. Law and Economic Relations, Gama Filho University, 2003

Law School, State University of Rio de Janeiro, 1991

In the US, Dr. Nunes is a Visiting Fellow at Yale University (YSE and YSM), and, in Europe, she is a Researcher on GIESA at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Her faculty sponsors are: (I) Michelle Bell at YALE, and (ii) Fernando Botija at UCM. In Brazil, she also is a Professor for Graduate Studies at the Federal University of Amazon State.  

Dr. Nunes conducts interdisciplinary research aimed at a better understanding of the impact of global law and governance issues on innovative technology and environment challenges facing Latin America and Iberian regions.  

Her current research includes climate change, renewable energy, and air pollution policies. She is also a leading expert in the field of environmental policy in Latin America, particularly Brazil’s public policies and the dynamics in the environmental sector. The future interests touch on natural, cultural, social, political, economic, and other issues related to climate change, environment, and public health in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. 

Selected Awards

  1. 2018 Sergio Vieira de Mello Medal
  2. 2019 Emerging Scholar Award in Climate Change

Selected Publications

  1. Overview of the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency on Sanitary Surveillance (ANVISA) on Governance and Capacity Building Fundamental Rights: Legal Policy and International Harmonization Systems - 
  2. Panoramic of Human Rights to Adequate Food and Nutrition in the Brazilian Legal Amazon Region - 
  3. Judicialization of Health in Rondonia State: Case Study -

Presentations and Articles at Yale

  1. Portugal’s Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goal 7 for the 2030 United Nations Agenda -  
  2. Environment Disaster in the Amazon -;  
  3. Bolsonaro’s Impact on Global Market -
  4. Combating Climate Change to Help Food Insecurity in “Unstructured Societies” -
  5. Integrating Indigenous Cultural Practices: Brazil’s Experience in the Health Field -

Other Activities

  1. Nunes, C. R. P.; Bell M. L.; Peralta, P. D. Amazon Issue: Climate Change, Drought Season, Fires and Deforestation Influence Respiratory Diseases. In: Poster at 17th Unite For Sight Global Health & Innovation Conference at Yale University. April 4-5, 2020.
  2. Nunes, C. R. P. Poster Section Organizer for the inaugural Global Environmental Justice Conference at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. November 15th, 2019.