Group Picture

Top row: G.V.Venkataramana (Visiting professor), Steve Whittaker (Ph.D. candidate), Kate Burrows (Ph.D. student), Michelle Bell, ​Katherine Wolf (M.E.Sc. student), Jong-Tae Lee (Visiting professor), Gavin Pereira (Visiting fellow), Chao Dong (Visiting student) 

Lower row: Diana Jones (Project manager of SEARCH center), Chen Chen (Ph.D. student), Seulkee Heo (Postdoc), ​Jesse Berman (Postdoc, primary appointment with Johns Hopkins University), Lan Jin (Ph.D. student)

Not pictured: Ajit Rajiva (M.E.Sc. student),​ Amruta Sarma (Ph.D. candidate), Ji-Young Son (Research scientist)